August 3rd, 2006

Older Al


It is almost 1 in the morning and I really don't want to go to sleep, but since i have to get up at 9:30, i suppose i should...but there are sooooo many other things i can do than sleep...hmmm....i don't know what to do!!! my house is quiet cause everyone has gone to sleep, including my lazy cats...some of the fish may be up, but they aren't big on the conversations...i'm sooooo excited though!!! on the 25th i get to see the fma movie at my local theater(assuming they don't take it away from there...) and me and my sis have fest the next the movie starts at 9:30 and it'll be about 2 hours with the usually late start and then the the credits...and then we have to drive about an hour to get to the hotel we stay at for that'll be 11:30 out of movie and on the about 12:30 if we're lucky! wow, then we have to get up at, it'll be an early one...but oh well, its worth it.
i hope i am not boring you too much with the few things that i have to talk about...i really only have fest and some school shopping coming up, so life is a bit boring...although it will be interesting at fest, because one of my best friends brothers asked me out and pretty much confessed his love for me at the end of the season and people out at fest aren't helping my saying that we'd be a cute couple...that'll be very interesting...
anyway, i don't think i'll bore you anymore with my boring life.